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A broken gas or electric cooker or oven door glass? Our glass is compatible with all makes

If your oven door glass is damaged, cracked or broken. If you need to replace your oven, cooker or stove glass door. Sometimes it can be difficult to find original parts or spares at reasonable prices. Vitrefour proposes a simple, quick and affordable solution. Before, you had to contact the oven manufacturer who might or might not have had the stock available, and since they had no competition they were not motivated to sell spare parts whilst such a position meant they could apply whatever price they wanted. Our ‘Neoceram’ glass is one of the best, most transparent and strongest ceramic glasses currently on the market.  It is a clean and has no surface printing. It is not tinted. Most industrial appliance manufacturers (such as Bosh, Whirlpool, Candy, Siemens, Electrolux, etc.) use hardened borosilicate glass as their original equipment. As a workshop company, Vitrefour proposes made-to-measure ceramic glass, and this means we can individually manufacture our glass products to superior thermal specifications.  Characteristics which mean that it can also be used for fireplaces doors or cooking hobs. It is perfectly suitable for replacing your broken oven door glass and what’s more, many of the major manufacturers use this type of glass for their heating systems.  This glass is no more expensive than the others but it has far superior performance qualities. Important: This is for replacing the interior glass of oven doors. The exterior glass does not require the same specifications.

Why did my oven door glass explode?

Sometimes the borosilicate glass used for oven doors is less resistant to high temperatures or sudden shifts in temperature. Your oven’s pyrolytic cleaning system will heat your oven up to more than 250°C. Ceramic glass can stand temperatures as high as 800°C.

Choosing glass for a self-cleaning oven?

Self-cleaning glass will retain its transparent property longer and be easier to clean; it will offer the best possible results when combined with a pyrolytic self-cleaning system.

It’s easy, order a new made-to-measure oven door glass in just a few clicks! Express delivery to your home!

Our workshops take extra care in cutting your oven door-glass to measure, respecting the dimensions you provide and ensuring that the cut surfaces are polished for extra safety. We also make every effort to ensure shipping quality, we have invested in specific and dedicated packing materials fully specially designed for transporting glass panels in safety. We have also selected shipping companies who take great care of the merchandise they carry. There is a whole series of logistics processes involved in guaranteeing that you receive your new oven, cooker or stove door glass as quickly as possible. Maybe your oven or cooker door glass is not rectangular.... Generally, most oven door glass is rectangular and 4mm thick. But some appliances have specific door glass forms. Our ordering process also proposes a made-to-measure service covering all shapes and thicknesses, thanks to our product configuration module for 3 to 5 mm door glass. There are also “special shape door glasses” such as cut angle door glass. If your door glass has a specific shape, you can use the contact form in the “special glass” tab to contact us. Provide us with all of the essential information and we will make every effort to manufacture what you need. Special door glass request.

Hints and Tips: how to replace your cooker oven door glass?

Don’t worry, it’s not that complicated, anyone can replace an oven door glass panel themselves. You can take a look at our hints and tips guide to see the best way to take the measurements and how to replace the your oven or cooker door glass.

Why you should replace your broken oven door interior glass yourself? 

Everyone knows that changing the whole appliance is not always the best solution. It’s neither good for the planet nor for your wallet. Interior door glass panels are easy to change, all fixed in just a few minutes! It is easy to refit your cooker door glass quickly, and this will save you time; if you choose express delivery your oven door glass will be shipped to your home on the next working day by Colissimo. You can now keep your kitchen as you like it but your cooker will look brand new.

Some satisfied customers

André L.
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Rapid delivery, exactly what I ordered. Faultless packaging. I am very satisfied.
Giles G.
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Delivery time met, have been using the glass for the last two weeks with no problems!
Béatrice B.
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What more can I say: reactive, speedy, well-packed, great product.
  • Resistant to extreme temperature

    The Neoceram ceramic glass can withstand temperatures of extreme heat as high as 2000°F, and even 2500° F for a short period.rn
  • Withstands thermal shocks

    The Quality of ceramic glass adjusts to extreme differences in temperature without expansion
  • Comfort

    Neoceram ceramic glass diffuses and radiates temperature for a comfortable heating system. As a perfectly hermetic material , this glass heats your rooms at maximal efficiency
  • Security

    The manufacturing quality of our ceramic glass provides the optimum safety for the use of your stoves, inserts, and fireplaces with full confidence